Alarm immobiliser prolem i think

  • Hey up

    Was just tootling about when all electrics went dead, lights, fans, radio etc and the battery light came on the dash then everything come back on.

    Now when i put the key in the ignition without turning it i get a continuous bleep bleep bleep bleep shound.

    Would this be the alarm/immobiliser someone installed? ground connections? no idea.

    Its a Vision car security 318-1200 box that i found. The install is pure rubbish with wires just rapped around etc.

    Any ideas anyone?


  • That does sound like typical bad install imob. problem.
    Can it be reset? Disconnet the battery for a while?

    If it still gives you greif I would be tempted to remove the lot!

  • cheers

    waiting for me mate to come up as im crap with electrics.

    Just thought id ask about on here before messing about

  • well mates tested battery while running and battery getting no charge at all.

    Looks like alternator is dead

    I checked the changing guide for an alternator, can you do this with the engine still in.

    It looks a right ball ache to change.

    Also could there be anything else i can check before i go ahead and rip the alt out?


    PS. if anyone got an alternator for a v6 1.8 that be awesome

  • alternator is a ball ache to remove especially if you have aircon, best way to get in is remove radiator then it clears a huge space at the front to get into the alternator
    the easiest way to check is start the car and then put a multi meter on the battery, if its low its the alternator, if its around 14.1v on the meter when running the alternator is fine

    If you are desperate I have a fully tested and working V6 alternator here I can get to you for wednesday for £35 all in if you pay by 8pm :wink:

  • Cheers, yeah its not charging at all, meter across.

    Yeah got AC but it dont work.

    Its draining the battery while ticking over.

    Is that a Recon jobby? How long will it last if i put that in?

    Aint no mechanic so have no idea :)

  • I have no guarantee it will last 5 years or 5 weeks, it came from a car I bought and scrapped and it was working fine , its up to you, its an easy way out otherwise new you are looking £180 + or recon £70+

    I can get it to you next day delivery for £35 or if you can wait til weekend I can get it there for £30 :wink:

  • Yah i aint in runo sh as its dark when i get back so wont be touching it till weekend anyway

    Ill sort this tommorow if im in the office. Il ping you a pm

    Can you get an alternator rewound? would it be worth doing anything with me old one?

    Cheers for teh help mate.

  • usually its either the voltage regulator or the brushes that go in them

    the regulator will mean its pumping stupid voltage and everything goes really bright until it kills the battery or the brushes

    They are copper bits that push against the shaft in the center creating the voltage into the coils, they are cheap to replace so you could get it rebrushed quite cheap then it maybe as good as new, it could be worth doing that but it may take a little while to get done

  • cheers for the help mate.

    Do you just need to loosten the alternator belt tensioner or the other one as well. Just making sure so i dont fek it up :)

    Going to test the alternator again tommorow night then if it is defo that ill grab that one off ya.


  • I cant remember if you have to do both for the alternator belt but removing belts is quite easy job

    The alternator is here anyway and yours unless you say no :wink:


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