Turbo a KF?

  • Considering engine options at the moment. The JDM KF out of an MX6 is apparently 160bhp out of the box, so similar to the KLDE, but does the KFZE lend itself to being turbo'd?

  • the KF was 145bhp i believe. but that could be the euro spec engine. I dont think that 160bhp would be accurate due to the 2.5 DE only having 164bhp. surely they would have just used the KF if that was the case. would be nice to find a good KF though to see what potential it has

  • The KF-ZE has 170bhp. When I was in a scrapyard near me a couple of months ago they had a KF engined MX-6 in for breaking, I think it's still there if you end up going down that route.

    I remember reading on either astinagt.com, club323f or some 323 site about a guy turbocharging a KF and getting good results. It's worth a bit googling anyway!

  • Is that Felix in Gorey? Might be worth a shout. Theres one going in Galway for very little money, so thats what got me thinking! I read that there are some difficulties with the swap due to rarity of parts? Presume I'd have everything I'd need if I got the whole car?

  • dont forget the kf camein the type r variant only a handfull of them where produced

  • From the history of installs of the KF, most people have had problems with them for one reason or another… I would say just go with a DE if you are turboing... if sticking NA go with the ZE.

  • Do you have any links to previous attempts man? Just so I can see what sorta problems they pose. I would go for a KL if one became available (right price, right time), but there seems to be a few KF MX6s floating around here for decent money.

  • Yeah the MX6 is in with Felix in Gorey. I don't think you could have too many problems if you were swapping the bits over from a complete car.

    Had a quick google and there's an mx3er running a turbo kf:


    Shame there's not much info though.

  • Do you know if that car Felix has is complete?

    And did you say when I met ya for that strutbrace that he has a Presso in there too?

  • When I saw it a couple of months ago it was complete yeah, I think it had body damage to the side.

    The silver Presso was still there a couple of months ago as well, though I took all the nice bits off it around Christmas :lol:

  • Might be worth a trip down over the weekend and see what the story is with it!

    Cheers for the info Ryan!


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