Faulty passenger window

  • Afternoon

    My passenger window goes up and down, but very slowly. Is this to do with the motor, or wiring, or something needs greasing? I know how to get into the door but I don't know how to fix this problem. Can anyone help?

    Mia x

  • if it goes very slowly 99% it needs greasing and its very easy to do

    wind the window right down and squirt WD40 into the groove that the window slides up and down in
    thats the bit by the mirror and the bit at the end of the door, just squirt it either end and it will run down the runners and should free it up
    dont squirt it along the groove in the door it just covers the window and you will have to clean it
    Just each end of that in the corners

  • Thanks for the tip. I've worked it out, it's so simple … a corner of the codealarm sticker had come up and was dragging the whole rubber seal down. Fixed


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