• 2011 VOSA changes to MOT starting 1st Jan 2012

    HID lights – Specifically those aftermarket kits that give the very bright headlight beams. Any cars found with these kits will be an automatic MOT failure. Testers are able to easily spot the difference between HID kits, and manufacturer fitted Xenon’s. Easy to spot as Xenon cars have suspension level sensors, in car beam adjuster, and usually headlight washers.
    All cars fitted with brighter xenons will be required to have electric beam adjusters and headlight washers

    Chipped ECU’s - Unsure of just how/if this one will realistically be enforced, but any cars with chipped ECU’s will in theory be an MOT failure. I can only assume VOSA have found an easy way of checking ECU software through the cars OBD port (diagnostic plug).

    Wiring harness – The general condition of he wiring harness will be checked to make sure there is no rubbing or chaffing, and that the harnesses are in generally good condition. If unsecure, or damaged again MOT failure.

    Airbag warning lights - If any warning lights are illuminated, it will again be an MOT failure.

    Ball joints - if the rubber casing on a ball joint is cracked or damaged or grease is visibly exiting it will fail the MOT

    Towbars - all electrics, mountings and tow ball condition will be checked and now come under the new MOT

  • have you got a link for this info?


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