DE or ZE?

  • Got a bit of a strange one here. I'm currently doing a car related course in one of the better known places in the country, and in our garage there are a load of engines donated to the place by various manufacturers for education purposes. Sitting pretty in the corner there is a KL with 0 miles that has most likely never ran, I'm curious about it because I can't tell whether it's a DE or a ZE.

    It's got:

    • Ford valve covers
    • Straight neck intake manifold
    • Tag attached to the engine with KL01 marked on it w/ Japanese writing

    I thought the KL01 part would have shown it to be a ZE, but I don't think any Ford was ever fitted with a ZE?

    Probably worth stealing either way :lol:

  • I don't think any fords left the factory with a ZE, but mazda were making engines for them at times…

    That's some rare engine, I'd bag it if I were you!

    "In 1993 Mazda unveiled the new MX6, commonly referred to as the second generation. It used the new GE platform, shared by the 626 and Ford rebadged cars, the Ford Probe and the Ford Telstar. It was released in three distinct variants worldwide, known as A-spec, E-spec and J-spec, which relates to their destined markets – US, Europe and Japan, respectively."

  • What course ya doing Ryan man?

  • Look for the ze headcodes kl31 1a1 or kl31 101
    Think de just says kl31

    Should be no Egr valve

    Look to see if pistons are flat top high comp

    KL31 cams

    Take some pics! Would be cool to see the tags etc. Where did they get it?!

  • They get most of the engines directly from the manufacturers when new. Will take some pics when I'm in that garage again, will be a few weeks tho.

    Probably the closest to a 'new' KL you can get!


    What course ya doing Ryan man?

    Automotive Technology and Management up in DIT :)

  • Ah cool, I'm up in Dublin now myself. See if they're selling the KL :P

  • We have a few engines like that in our college stripped wrapped scratched all internals not handled with care sounds great but really there not


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