CODES!! please help

  • RIGHT!!! Finally decided to read my codes today. I knew I would have one of them as i have bypassed the EGR valve so was expecting that. What i was not expecting was this

    code no:
    8: MAF/VAF sensor.
    10: Intake air temperature sensor (IAT)
    16: EGR sensor.

    I wouldnt have thought the MAF is at fault, could this be being thrown up because of an induction kit of is it kerplunked.
    when i took my MAF (to try the mx6 one i bought off here, bad idea) off i did hear something rattling around inside but i did in the MX6 one also so thought it was normal. maybe that one is fooked too lol.

    Intake air temp sensor. what in the !@"* is that! could these problems be causing my hesitation and low fuel consumption? (i know the maf would cause hesitation but dont know how that would effect fuel, but unsure about the IAT as i have no idea what it is)

    any help is greatly appreciated as always

  • Get your je50 swapped out.

    IAT is in the VAF, it detects air temp and changes the fuel accordingly. I bet your economy is shocking with a dodgy VAF and IAT! You'll be down on power too.

  • would make perfect sense as to why it could be over fueling causing hesitation then lol. i am guessing the KL-02 (I think its that one) is no good for my engine either then. so to my next question, anyone got a JE-50 for sale? pmsl

  • I have one, but not for sale, Im keeping it for my own spares, however, Ive no issue with taking some readings from the pins on it for you to compare with, if your up this way again then I wouldnt mind you bolting it on and doing a spot of driving to see if that fixes it.

  • When/why did you bypass EGR?

  • bypassed the egr to try and stop the hesitation problem, just havent put it back together yet lol
    I got the codes from this website so i am guessing they would be correct. From looking on ebay, i think DJ has one for sale lol. I guess that there shouldnt be anything rattling around inside of the JE-50 then

    i connected ten and gnd with a wire and the other two at opposite ends at the top (i think it was FEN and B+) to get the diagnosis.

  • with the led mod thing?

  • @19b878f92b=Jesta:

    with the led mod thing?

    yeah thats right, i had a couple of LED sidelights that i modded to work ;)

  • DAN - had a big clear out in the shed today and have a good JE50 sat here along with 2 spare engine mounts so you can start to strengthen them before the klde swap
    I will post the lot to you for £25 by courier, can be there by wednesday if you want it
    I do have a spare V6 throttle body too I will chuck in for a tenner, that should have everything you want on it to sort all those faults :wink:

  • dont worry about the throttle body but will defo have the MAF/VAF off you. I doubt I willl be doing the swap now as my mechanic doesnt want to do it GRRR so dont worry bout the engine mounts either.
    how much for the VAF on its own?

  • £15 POSTED and I will do it 1st class so its there for you tuesday if royal mail get it right

  • ok mate, ill take that off you but will send payment tomorrow as i have to pick up my wages and put in my misses account lol. PM your paypal again and i will PM address


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