Continus live problem ?

  • Strange problem this
    Every time i car the car on the clock rest's to 1:00 also the radio isn't remembering any radio station's .
    This has only started happening since fitting a new instument cluster .
    I have cheaked the fuse's and they all seem good .
    Any one got any idea's ??

  • Is it all plugged back into the fusebox exactly the same as before?
    same cars fuseboxes have two slots for things like this > one perm. live and the other only on with ignition.

  • Yeh it all pluged stright in .
    I didn't reallise that there were any differences between insturment cluster's on the mx3's :?

  • i guess between obd1 and 2 they would have made some changes.

    on an old mondeo i had, when i changed the clocks in that the fuel guage started to read the wrong way. was great when i sold the car with a "full tank" pmsl


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