What are your plans for your car

  • I guess some people have a little cash kicking around at the moment

    but what are you planning to do to your car before xmas comes along

  • put a battery on it and start it, last time it was fired up was march 2011 !!
    oh and service it!!

  • I am planning to do

    New green stuff brake pads all round and sort the seized caliper on NS rear

    Modify the new stainless exhasut system to be cat back and not straight to down pipe and then try it for a few weeks to see what its like

    Repair the MS front bumper and prep it for spraying

    Build the first Carbon garnish I made a mold for last winter and fit it to the tailgate I took of the MS car to see how it sits with the MS spoiler

    Full service and fluid change

    Fit the RX 7 steering wheel

  • At the moment I'm strongly considering KL lump and turbo set up. Just waiting on the right 6 to come around at the right time. I lowered the car there a few weeks ago, but not low enough for my liking just yet so maybe a set of coilovers the other side of Xmas. I'm dying for a different set of wheels too, but I might wait til I get a 6 and do a 5 stud conversion before I look into that.

    Aesthetically, I've still got the arch extensions and hatch garnish to fit, keeping my eye out for sidespats and the OEM splitter too.

  • Nothing really. Am trying to put some money away so I can replace my car after the winter - either an other MX3 (V6) or something similar (depending on how much money I was able to put away).

  • got a nice induction pipe which i need to fit probably today, and go and attempt to get the engine out of that ford probe down the road for a KLDE swap ;)

  • Good question…

    My red car / daily driver has turned into a two stroke, rings are shot, looks like a d-turbo after overun. So considering swapping the rust bucket's engine in, though it has oil pressure problems. It did get good mpg though which is a motivation.

    Sooty is unlikely to see much action over winter. Now that it's wet 95% of the time traction doesn't happen a lot. I also begrudge submitting it to more roads service car cancer catalyst. Will maybe get the window fitted though.

  • Developed an outer CV knock so that will have to be sorted before it gets too cold. Then Im just going to fit all my body bungs and call it day for any big mods this year!

  • Lol CV joints are the order of the day, i need one i think as well.

    I need to get my wheels painted and re-rubbered then lowering if funds permit.

    …. although the engines more noisy than usual, as well as less economical, maybe if a nice DE turns up locally... i can dream anyway.

  • I just got my hands on a JDM splitter so my plans may have changed!

  • well, I got a few small plans for mine.

    Firstly, CV joint of course, and im struggling with this as even with my ne wimpact wrench, I cant get the hub nut off. Once done however, I want to smarten up my passenger front indicator, give it a good valet and start looking at new tyres and I want to re paint the wheels myself. After that, all I need to fix is the air con, for which I have no pipes!


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