Where is everybody

  • Well this place is a ghost town at the moment who still comes here everyday ???

  • i check in every day and post where relevant. Ive done a few bits to mx lately but no point updating work log until its finished its a slow progress!, still hoping it will be ready for japfest 2012. Will need gulfys last touches in it before then.

  • I am here everyday but I will be starting more posts off to get people more involved again as its very quiet

    I am hoping my car will be done big style this winter and will be doing the show circuit and putting some effort into the little cars identity

    Will need to get the banner off Jay sometime if he is all RX mad now :wink:

  • I'm here everyday too, just not a whole pile to contribute :p

  • I pop in everyday, not much going on with mine ATM, just don't get the time, am hoping to get car in my unit next month fit rear screen and get it up together, not been driven since July last year :(

  • I was going to post this lol. i am usually here every day but it does seem like everyone has gone.

  • I'm checking every day but havn't much going on with mine atm as I'm v Busy and skint.

  • I'm here most days, I'm not a huge poster… if i feel i need to comment i will, otherwise am happy to read. Not online at weekends for the foreseeable future.

  • I check in most every day… I usually don't post up as you have your local conversations going on and I don't have much to contribute.

    I'm mainly focused on my International Project so I just pop in to see if any cool parts have shown up 8)

  • Mine's off the road til my Micra project is done! So no updates from me for a while, but I still have a look now and again! ^^

  • im here often, I have to split my time between here and the 4x4 club!

  • Same, here pretty much daily. but progress is slow, money needed for other things. and i dont have the knowledge some of you guys here have so tend to leave the technical well alone unless something goes BANG!!

    That baing said i do always appreciate the response when i do get a prob, every1 is v friendly like. I guess were always gonna be a small community though sadly.

  • i'm nevern online…... where is marc these days, must be too famous to come by

  • here everyday pretty much! You have my number robbie, what d'ya want? :P

  • no i dont lol lost it when i upgraded my phone! pm me it there!

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