I am planning on doing this next year

  • http://www.staples2naples.com/

    I will be entering a team into this for next year, I really fancy doing one of these rallies and my buddies are joining in with me so we are now commited

    Anyone want to sell me a V6 MX3 for under £250 so I can enter it with an MX will be greatly appreciated and it will be covered in graphics or possibly carpet, entry date is 1st november for £175 otherwise its £200 for any date after that :shock:

    always wanted to do one of these and its defo on the cards for 2012
    Its either this or the barcelona bangers in the spring but we as a team fancy going over the alps and have a lot of mad plans for this already :lol: :lol: :lol:

    anyone else in for this get invlolved :D

  • That looks like a real good laugh mate,
    I look forward to the pics!

  • wow looks awesome, an cant you work your magic and pick up a import loaded with rare parts flog the parts an get a basicly free car?

  • lol, I am thinking of that eddy but I need to buy it for £250 or under with a receipt to get it entered

    Thanks jeff, always wanted to do one of these and with 2 mates going it should be a reasonable price like a cheapo holiday :D

  • Ah sorry, I know the £999 challenge you can buy a car an sell the non essential parts to help cover the cost. £250s not a lot of money these days…

  • I bought one for £250 18 months since…

  • Was talking to my mates about this, we are thinking about doing it, got a car lined up, an old funeral vauxhall senator limo :lol:

  • one of my mates has pulled the plug because he has a wedding that weekend, it maybe barcelona bangers instead now :evil:


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