Celica vvti….. against my mx3

  • ok i was coming home the other day, and there was a rather loud newer shape celica in front of me. I could see that it had a stainless system on it which would explain the noise. I thought to myself, "yeah ok, ill give it a go". I know it was a female driver as she thought she would be funny and wave me off as she put her foot down. I have to say, I was very proud of the little 3. apart from the celica having a much longer gear ratio there wasw absolutely nothing in it. the only reason she got away wasw because she overtook the cars in front pretty dangerously round a bend, which i was not willing to do. good old mx3 against a tidy celica vvti = draw :D

    wish i had my 2.5 in at that point :lol:

  • Pah beaten by a girl :wink: :lol:

  • LOL, I was thinking of starting a list to tick off of cars I have done in my ZE, its quite surprising what they will do until people start to drive dangerously

  • @30e11bec87=mx3gulf:

    Pah beaten by a girl :wink: :lol:

    hahaha, well kinda but the acceleration speed was almost identical, in fact in 4th i was reeling her in. i just didnt fancy killing myself to prove a point lol

  • I'm only pulling your leg!! Not encouraging dangerous driving, glad you made the right decision and stayed alive!! :wink:

  • when you get back alongside them at speed pull a replica gun out in your hand and drive with one hand while holding the gun in the other in a dirty harry style pose, you really do find out if the other car has anymore power under its pedal then :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    note - The above comment is only a joke FFS

  • VVTi are crap :P my Lantis nailed one with ease haha was a funny moment :)

  • i've bet the missus in her SSIII celica a few times

  • one more for the "collection" a 206 GTI 180 :lol: it did very well but not well enough for the little misfiring mx3 pmsl. I thought i would be a gentleman and let him overtake me as we came on to the dual carriageway, then floored it through the gears and managed to get alongside in 4th just before the redline and changed in to 5th just as i was passing him. must have sounded awesome from his car :lol:

  • to add to trhge list, yesterday seat ibiza cupra sport - no chance

    had a large motrbike with me on the motorway today and he pulled alongside when I got to my junction and gave me a big thumbs up which was cool

  • cupra is a turbo right? i can only wish to be as fast as one of them lol

  • @219abe176a=daniel:

    cupra is a turbo right? i can only wish to be as fast as one of them lol

    In .25 of a mile I was about half a car in front

    Also, dull fact about the celica vvti, is its the basic version ,the T sport or GT are the good ones and the basic vvti has the same engine that yamaha use for their 175bhp -300bhp outboard engines

  • dont ask me how but a Fiesta ST has to go on my list :mrgreen: he was not a happy boy pmfsl

  • that was a 2.0 square shape one as oppose to the 1.6 round shape ;)

  • Dammit I remember the days I used to smoke 911's Only person I race these days is myself lol

  • 1.3 scarlet turbo can be on the list for eunos drivers my old 1 took 1 d
    From a stand still easy!

  • I have seen a vid on youtube of an stock K8 MX3 beating a starlet turbo ;) made me smile a bit lol


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