Forced air intake.

  • hey guys,
    I am considering removing my cai from the bottom of the engine bay and replacing it with a forced induction kit. I may be wrong and I'm sure someone will point it out if i am but i was thinking of removing my front spotlights and attaching the air tube to the rear of the bumper using the hole left by the spotlight, which will then feed the air straight into an enclosed air filter before hitting the maf meter and being fed into the engine.
    has anyone got any experience of this type of set up to give some words of wisdom?
    Or is this just a bad idea from the go??
    as usual all opinions greatly recieved, :D

  • You would need some kind of splash guard so you dont get any water in your intake. The hole behind the spotlight is not round though as you might expect, it is infact and elipse…

    and you wont get 'forced induction' without a turbo ;) best you can acheive is ram air, but that is supposed to be a straight piece of pipe to create that affect, so unless you willing to take out a headlight I wouldnt bother personally. What about sticking a cone filter behind the fog light hole like Gulfy has on his track car?

  • alot of us on here have an induction air filter (myself included), many have done away with the standard piping and replaced it with some bling too, if your question is about an induction kit then i would say go for it. imho it makes the car sound alot nicer

  • As usual I have been corrected !!! :lol:
    cheers for the input guys.
    i already have the conical air filter down low in the engine bay attached to my blinging intake pipe to suck in some cooler air.
    i stand corrected i meant ram air intake not forced :oops:
    but keeping the intake pipe straight may be a bit tricky as has been pointed out.
    I shall reurn to my drawing board for the time being but fear not mx-3 land i shall return mwah ha ha ha :evil:


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