Cobra alarm (old type)

  • Ive a cobra alarm fitted, who ever had the car before didnt leave any instructions!
    My indicators fuse blew, i replaced this but now when i lock my car with the fob, the lights dont flash to tell me if its locked or not
    so it doesnt flash if the alarm goes off, but the sound is still there

    get me?

  • As a guess I would say that whatever fault caused the indicator fuse to blow also blew a fuse inside the alarm. You might be able to find a manual on the internet for the alarm if you can find out what model it is.
    The other possibility (worse) is that the fault has blown some electronic component inside the alarm leaving it permanently damaged.
    Also check all wiring joints, maybe some insulation tape has become scuffed on bodywork causing a short and blowing fuses.


  • mmm good point, will have a look WHEN the weather gets better!lol

  • mmm good point, will have a look WHEN the weather gets better!lol

  • I had similar problems with my alarm, a scorpion one, it was a flat battery the first time, then the range got increasingly short even after replacing the battery, then the light was always on, on the fob, and i couldn't disarm the imobiliser or turn the alarm off, even sat in the car with te key in the ignition pressing the dfisarm button! in the end i just disconnected the car battery and ripped out the alarm 8)


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