How do I remove the distributor?

  • Hi, I managed to snap a screw in half on the upper cover point in the dizzy cap. I now need to remove the distributor to get the hole fixed and screw stub out.

    Any tips on how to do this?

  • there are only 2 bolts that hold the whole unit in place, get a permanent marker and colour in around the top bolt before removing to relocate in almost the same position
    also when you put it back it it will only fit one way so dont panic to much about timing and get it back roughly where it came from, the ecu should sort the rest on restart :wink:

    Note - take a pic to remember where all the leads go back too

  • ^ yep!

    Also firing order for when you put the leads back on is:
    Rear bank: 1 3 5
    Front bank: 2 4 6 (6 is beside the disty)

    If you have trouble reinserting the disty, try sliding it in with cap off, then you can use the rotor to align the slot. Most of the time you can wing it though.

    For removing the broken screw, I often use those cheapo rolson reverse drill outs. If that doesn't work you could just drill through it and re tap it.

  • Should have updated, all fixed now and working.


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