• I recently had a quick blast down a straight road with a guy in a MK2 XR2, I was pulling away from him obviously.

    But he insists that his bevloved 106 would kick my ass! and that the mx is shit, and that ALL jap cars are glorified plastic toys and that the only thing japs were good at was

    'in the art of fighting and cultural heritage all their cars are stolen designs off Europe!!!!)'

    I retaliated naturally with expitives that I wont repeat and went on to explain that the french coudln't even build a decent motor if they had bills gates entire fortune, and so the argument continues

    Norris Designs evo has 926bhp from a 2.3l
    Jun supra hit 249mph

    I admit that the MX isn't the fastest car in the world but the class factor alone puts it in a different league to these poxy sport hatches he keeps raving about.

    Could anyone please add to the list of why he is wrong and is much of a twat with some more facts and figures about jap cars beating european casr hands down!


  • look at the saxo and the pug. same style. following that the mx-3 on the straight is quick but get him to race on the bends then its a whole new ball game. the pulling power out of the bends is nuts. i had a bit of fun with a bmw. against me and the lad said thats its really quick out of the bends. but i know he had the power if we ended up on a long enough straight.

    also pugs fall apart too easy…. the parts are so cheeply built. and not designed correctly. thats why to buy a french car new its so cheep. where you get a jap on new and omg.

  • japanese cars have easily fixable teething problems, french cars would fall apart at speeds jap cars go, and they have major problems, for instance, the pug 106 GTI with a problem with…blowing gearboxes :lol:

    as for Ford, they have to bring special high performance cars out just to compete with jap cars, the ST range being an example, although i think the japs best era was the early 90's with the pulsar etc, but then they decided to go abit more sensible in later years for some strange reason :? but if he says anything, just say while mazda was making the 323 GTR running 180BHP from a 1.8 litre in 1993...what were Ford making apart from granadas and scorpios :roll:

  • hmmm this thread is quite intresting but the fact of the matter is you do realise tht mazda is the japanese version of ford hence why the probe is almost the same a the mx3 parts wise….

  • Japanese realiability speaks for itself. End of.

    Ask someone with a french car about electrical problems (They will have had them!).

    My Mx-3 is no that quick.. Standard v6.. stripped interior.. but god it loves bends!!

  • @79841597c8=Lequetis:

    hmmm this thread is quite intresting but the fact of the matter is you do realise tht mazda is the japanese version of ford hence why the probe is almost the same a the mx3 parts wise….

    only after the merge, the mazda GTR turbo was all jap :wink:

  • true but now as days…......

  • Thanks Guyz, I appreciate the input. Funny enough his 106 with 150hp hasn't ventured out of the garage for over a year :lol:

    The mx doesn't really compete performance wise with modern sport hatches but I think it has alot more presence than hatches, its sounds amazing and with a set of larger alloys and lowering I think it looks much better.

    Jap cars may not have the build quality of some higher end european cars like audi and bmw, but you have to pay the price when you buy that kind of car.

    I think jap cars are a performance bargain

  • You can't beat jap cars for style and bang for bucks!

    The MX-3 is 16 years old and still looks awsome, and look at the MR2, EVO, GTO, FTO, SUPRA etc

    • Just a note: The MR2 Turbo kicks ass over the MX-3, and the REV3 MR2 that has the same engine as the Celica GT4 really kicks ass over the MX-3.

    Saying that I'd rather drive an MX-3 in the wet. :P


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