HOW TO…. Remove the alternator on a V6

  • This guide is how to remove the alternator from a V6 engine
    K8, KLDE + KLZE

    There are 2 bolts and a locating pin that hold the alternator in place on a mazda V6, along with the main power cable and a small connector block.
    You will need to disconnect the battery before starting

    The green arrow
    Points at the belt tensioner, this keeps the belt from slipping when running the engine, it is a free running wheel that is adjustable for tightening the belt

    The RED Arrow
    This points at a 10mm bolt that you can see on the side of the engine from above, this is the alternator belt tensioner, you need to undo this until the belt becomes loose enough to remove (if necessary or changing)

    The yellow Arrows
    These point at the 2 bolts that hold the alternator onto the engine block, you can easily see the top one which has a painted black bracket attaching the top of the alternator to the engine

    The other bolt is located under the front of the alternator at the bottom arrow

    The red arrow
    Is the locating pin mount, it has a rubber grommit inside to take any vibration

    The blue arrows
    These point to the 2 bolt mounts that hold the alternator onto the engine block

    The pink arrow
    This points to the cable connector that takes the main feed to the battery

    The green arrow
    points at the cable block that just clips together

    To remove, slip the belt off the end of the alternator, loosen the bottom bolt first but do not yet remove it, then move to the top bolt and remove it, the bottom bolt will now hold the alternator as you tilt it forward and you can now access the cable block to remove and the nut to undo the main power cable, once these are off, then remove the bottom bolt and the alternator will now be free to remove

    Just copy the removal in reverse to refit

    When tensioning the belt again do not do up as far as possible, just keep checking the belt when retensioning to the point when there is hardly any play in the belt but not absolutely bar tight as it can damage the alternator, if its not tight enough it will squeal on start up :D


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