A noise

  • hey chaps

    so I have had loads of work going on the car lately. Today, fitted my new centre section exhaust pipe and took the car out for a spin. All is well, except now I have a sort of humming sound when steering left. Its high pitched, gets higher the more left I steer…CV boot looks in tact, any ideas? Car hasnt been driven for a while due to various repairs, MOT and so on....

  • Power Steering Pump?

  • is it while driving or stationary, if its while moving will be something on the drive train, if its stationary will be an engine part
    If it does it turning left while moving does it sound like its on the right hand side, if it does it could be a CV joint just starting to go

  • its while driving, gets louder the more I turn left and it does sound like its coming from the left…..never done it before today....

  • if its only while driving it will be drive train so its going to be either bearing or cv joint, it could be bearing if its getting loud on the side you are turning direction to, cv joints make a clunking when turning and the noise comes from the opposite side you turn into normally

    Luckily front bearings are the cheap ones

  • cheers, I was starting to think this might be the case. I went out for another quick drive after checking the wheels. Same noise, except with both windows down its hard to tell which side is the problem, so I need to figure this out.

    How hard is it to replace the bearing??

    any guides anywhere?


  • they are ok to do, you need to remove the whole hub assembly from the drive shafts and and the bearing is inside, remove the circlip and then the hard part is beating or pressing the old bearing out, a press is easier but if not available a socket just loose enough to fit in the hole and beat that until the bearing starts coming out, then you need to beat the new bearing in which you have to use a flat piece of metal and make sure it goes in straight, then back to the socket to get it all the way in, if you just hit the bearing it will fall apart or damage itself and its ruined

  • ah yes, I think I understand what you mean, should be interesting!!!

    do I need to apply any grease or anything??

    thanks for you help by the way, totally awesome on this site!

  • no grease needed, just put all the bolts back together, the bearings are a sealed unit and do not need greasing

    The hard bits are …
    getting it all apart when its been left together for 15 years
    popping drive shaft out ( get a spare drive shaft clip in case, theyre about 10p I have come across 2 that I have done and the clip is damaged, if you do it and the clip is knackered and you havent got a spare take the old one to mazda dealer or to vauxhall dealer as a vectra one is identical )
    pushing old bearing out
    The rest is pretty much disassemble and re-assemble

  • FANNY!

    I dont know WHY I didnt check this before ordering a part, but today I fixed the problem. It was only the damned disc shield rubbing against the disc!! probably bent when new caliper was fitted, DOH!!!

    so, I now have a spare bearing, anyone want it for cheaps?


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