Airbag steering wheel

  • can anyone help me with the law here, I have an older interior mx3 with a no airbag, the thing is i absolutely hate the look of my steering wheel. I much prefer the interior facelift steering wheel but it has an airbag
    so my question is this. If a steering wheel has an airbag, does it need to be connected, or is there a loophole somewhere. The feel of the newer wheel is so much nicer. I dont want an after market one before i get a load of ebay links posted :lol:

  • I would think that if the safety device isnt fitted to your car as standard then your free to do as you please, you wouldnt have the shock sensor to deal with air bag deployment. So id think youd be fine, people remove standard air bag steering wheels and replace them with sports ones without an airbag and there doesnt appear to be any issue regarding the law and that so I think youd be fine.

    Its a tricky one as it is a standard safety item, but for you, you dont have one as standard so its not as if your removing a safety device, like removing your seatbelts all together would be illegal as theyre a required OEM safety feature, if you didnt have them as standard like most of the old cars in the 80's which didnt have rear seatbelts, then I cant see why there would be a problem in adding them to your car to enhance safety (even though your airbag would be only aesthetic)

  • "In the United Kingdom, and most other developed countries there is no direct legal requirement for new cars to feature airbags. Instead, the Euro NCAP vehicle safety rating encourages manufacturers to take a comprehensive approach to occupant safety; a good rating can only be achieved by combining airbags with other safety features.[35] Thus almost all new cars now come with at least two airbags as standard."

  • The air bag wheel is so ugly and a horrible feel to it and is also heavy,
    Try and get hold of a eunos one or aftermarket, I've got a airbag wheel hanging in garage, ive been tempted to do this to it

  • Eunos ones rule tbh, I'll be mounting my old one to my MR2.

  • If you like the newer one much better then get one, remove the airbag unit and just fit it without the airbag inside, its only 4 screws holding the cover on the front

  • I might have a spare one too.


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