Does anyone want a fully jdm'd eunos V6

  • I have sorted a great deal out on a silver eunos with jdm front splitter, wraparound spoiler, powerfolding mirrors plus a load more, the problem is they have taken 2 weeks to get back to me so now the deal is on and ready to go, problem is im off on my holidays in 4 days time and do not have time to sort it out

    this car can either be broken for a heap of cash as it has 52k on the clock and is mint with a couple of cosmetic jobs that need doing or as I was going to do and that was take the valuable bits off and replace, do the cosmetics and then resell for what its cost me leaving me with some more goodies

    The car is all road legal and will cost you a total of £475 for everything, including collecting it and repairing it ready for resale
    Value of car if you do it correctly is £550 easily, so its worth £75 plus some great JDM parts and a bit of time

    anyone interested, I will help you as much as possible otherwise it will be gone very soon

    car is in canterbury :wink:

  • It's an automatic isn't it? and got any pics….

  • So what price did you wangle them down to?

  • ARGHHHH why do these things always come up when I'm broke :evil: :evil:
    that's only 30 mins from me too!! :(

  • @a1ad75447e=Mazda-jeff:

    ARGHHHH why do these things always come up when I'm broke(

    Same here.. two weeks time and I'd own it, just spent the "reserve" on two engines.

  • sometimes I wish I lived over there! augh!

  • its not as expensive as you think to get a car sent over there :wink:

  • sometimes this forum is sooooo backwards. You lot whine about newbies selling their cars here, or object outright cos we all already own mx3's so why would be interested in another, these are things most of you have said in the past, yet as soon as someone we know lists one, even though theres no details at all or pics and its not even theirs, what happens? This happens…...


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