Archii's 1993 mx3 project

  • nice looking 3 you have there keep up the good work :lol:

  • Nice to see another 1.6. Did you spray the bonnet yourself? Looks like a good job.

  • @b844df95f6=JIMBOfred:

    Nice to see another 1.6. Did you spray the bonnet yourself? Looks like a good job.

    Thanks. I didn't spray it by myself.
    I took the bonnet to one guy who usually sprays any kind of car parts. :)

  • Few days ago, it turned out that the clutch is broken, so it will take a while to get it repaired :(

    Me @ work :roll:

  • Hey. I haven't been here for a while. So yes, last time when I did a post here, something wen't wrong with the clutch.
    It turned out, that the clutch disk was broken. At first I did a huge mistake and bought a cheap ferodo for the clutch disk. When I put all together and took a drive, it broke again after 5 kilometers lol. So never ever buy cheap parts for your car :)
    Also did some iprovements to increase the power of my car:
    1)Decat pipe
    2)NGK spark plugs
    3)Lightened flywheel (~2kg lighter)
    4)Also exchanged my wheels for a bit smaller ones, so the engine doesn't need so much power to turn the wheels.
    5)Lightened car weight - got rid of some useless stuff :D
    6)New fuel filter

  • Good work my friend! Did you lighten the flywheel yourself?

  • Thanks :)
    Nope, I asked my friends father to lighten it. He owns a huge garage with buch of tools to tune up the car. It's not that easy, and needs some experience to do it, thats why I didn't do it by myself. When the flywheel is lightened, it also needs to be balanced too. ;)

    I'll get a beeter picture of flywheel a bit later if needed.

  • Nice one thats cool! would He do one for me maybe? The balancing part is what puts me off doing mine myself.

  • Well, I think yes, but first you gotta come to Latvia, then contact him by yourself :)

  • So finally after a month the car is repaired and is ready to roll 8)

  • looking good :D


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