• so, I had my MOT on Saturday and it failed, nothingmajor, needed new drivers side caliper and handbrake/headlamp adjustment. Gets mi car back, now have a honking hole in the central exhaust pipe, drivers side where the bracket is welded on!!

    grrr…anyhooo, does anyone know the exact part, and is it the whole peice from the rear silencer through to the cat? I have found one on probe store, £52, and several on ebay about £10 less....??

  • from what I can see on mine (yes its blowing too lol) it looks like the whole section from the backbox all they way to the CAT. i dont think there is any joiners on there

  • I have an almost brand new one in my garage you can have for £35 posted - I just need to find a box big enough to post it though as a lot dont like car parts anymore :roll:
    I can get it to you by next working day, so buy it tonight I will wrap it in bubbler wrap and get it to you thursday, you then just need the bolts and a couple of exhaust gaskets from an auto factors

  • go on then matey, i will take it!!!

    i will PM you my details, just let me know your detaisl so i can pay you.

  • chaps, just a thought. Although I appreciate exhausts do rust and break, is there anything I can do to my new central pipe (from Djmarco) to make it last a bit longer, or strengthen it up? Any paint I can apply perhaps or somethign I can do to the bracket joints? Its just my existing pipe doesnt look more thana few year old at most, so there must be something i can do to protect it??

    hammerite??!! :lol:

  • Mild steel pattern replacements just don't last in this country. The salt at winter is really devasting. 2 years seems to be about right from my experience. Stainless is the way forwards. However certain brands like HKS do use mild steel, but it's alot thicker and perhaps higher grade mild steel. It seems to last much better, but there's no HKS for our cars. When replacing exhaust components for family/friends I spray them with VHT paint, particularly around the welds to the flanges, boxes and hangers. It seems to postpone the onslaught a bit.

  • cheers Marco,

    yeah, i think i will try a bit of the VHT paint, of course I wont count on it for anything but it may help a little.

    With my old MX6, I didnt have to replace any part of the exhaust in the 4 years I had it, good quality parts I suppose!


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