Parts - stainless steel engine bolt kit

  • i have just emailed titan bolts to see about creating an mx3 s/s engine bay bolt kit. there is one availible for the mx5 which i may be buying soon, the plan is to see if that kit fts the mx3 then send the results back to titan bolts. if all goes well there might be a kit for the mx3.

    i know most of the bolts in my engine bay are rusted so im guesing a lot of others are the same??

    anybody interested? if not i'll just get the mx5 kit and and use the ones i can.

  • there are a few that fit but alot that dont. i've managed to do…

    Rocker cover
    Cam cover
    bonnet catch
    break servo
    powersteering bottle
    washer bottle
    coolant bottle
    manifold heat shield
    rad support
    fuse box
    accelorator cable - IM
    i used some spares to do the head lights

    there are probably a few more that fit, but i need to send a lot back to them. the mx5 kit cost £19 i think but they said they'd refund or replace any that didnt fit or arern't needed.

  • james… is there a website you could post caues i would love to find a set for my mx-3! and post some pics for goodness sakes!

  • cant remember the exact site but it was i didnt finish doing this kit but i did e-mail a lot of the ones we need. ask them about it they were quite helpfull.

    pics here: cant tell too much though. you'll find you need tons of M6 (10mm head) bolts.

  • wouldent mined one for the v6

  • that looks amazing!!!!!! i'm going to try and contact them… the entire kit was really only 19 pounds?!

  • Just ordered a ford probe set for the 24valve. I'll let you all know how much of that fits! All the engine ones should, being k series…

  • yeah marco definately let us know how it looks I may buy one as I was just looking at it today! lol

    take some pics before and after please 8)


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