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  • Ok I keep looking at coilover kits for my car and a trend with the european sellers is that you find that the demio + mx-5 is listed as being the same fitting as the MX-3
    I know a lot of mk2 mx5 stuff is the same as the mx-3, anyone know if these will fit or is this a mistake as they seem to be half the price for the same thing

  • wont fit mate I looked into it already. Gaz will make you a set if you send them a set of shocks, about the same price as XYZ's but based in Essex.

  • So far I have to say XYZ ftw. Some cars with coilovers I've been in I could swear there was no spring or strut and just a pole with some bolts through it.

  • I have K-sports on and i didnt notice the difference between them and 20 year old OEM struts and springs :rimshot:

  • @e0c92288b2=kulluminati777:

    I have K-sports on and i didnt notice the difference between them and 20 year old OEM struts and springs :rimshot:

    Really?! dont you find coilovers alot stiffer?

  • There is absolutely no comparison between any MX-3 I've drove with standard suspension and with the K-Sports in my own. Even a massive difference between my car when it had the Bilstein gas shocks and GMax lowering springs and the way it is now. I honestly don't know how you don't feel a difference in handling, or at least in comfort!

  • the comfort on the softest setting is about the same as it was before also i can take turns alot faster then before and when i turn it to stiff is when the differences really come out :P but also my car is not slammed its about 20mm between tire and fender and you also have to think that i had all my suspension upgrades BEFORE i even thought about k-sports so maybe thats why its the same

  • What upgrades did you have? The two import V6s had a front strutbrace, nothing on the 1.5.

  • front srd cross member, srd rear tie bar, strut brace on front and rear and low profile tires (less sidewall flex) and then the front and rear sway bars that came on the car cause it is a GS….i plan on getting a whiteline rear swaybar (or mazdaspeed if i found one) and now i have my traction bar and coilovers on its a SOLID ride the only thing im really missing is the B pillar bar but i use the backseats so i never got one.....

  • Might explain why ya didnt see too much of a difference set to soft! :bigok:

  • hahaha yeah i guess that might be it but that just means that coilovers are not as harsh as people believe they are :respect:

  • Nah its just those great German roads :mrgreen: Drive on my roads and yal see how harsh they can be!

  • trust me brother thru the towns and the roads on the army base are worse then the states (damn cobblestone roads and tank trails) but i usually park out side the city and walk into town and on a daily basis going to work everyday from my house to work is a nice little country road i always take thats smooth :cheers: i just wish you could have a low profile tire with 18" and still have a smoother ride as if your were on 15'' with thick tires

  • 18's!! oh jeezasss why?!

    Its funny i dropped down a profile from 50 to 45 but went from budget to premium tyres and the ride is alot smoother/less bumpy! would not even like to imagine the price of premium 18" tyres… screw that for a game of soldiers!


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