• Well in my defence it was a very interesting tractor I was looking at when the van in front decided to emergency stop on a straight road for no obvious reason.

    That being said my lovely shiny MX or "the beast" as my gf calls it, (no mods just more capable of rocking her world than I am :cry: ) is no more, well not with my meagre mechanical skills anyway. Pics up soon but both lights smashed, bonnet not dented but bent, and the front strut that everything sits on has been bent too. Engine still runs as it did before so there is hope for it and insurance didnt wanna know so thats good i guess.

    Pi$$ed off as I loved the car, but its beyond my saving, I dont suppose anyone wants to take it on to repair? would rather keep it in the family so to speak. lol

  • Ops, sorry to hear man, never a good day..

    At least you and anyone else was ok, car's can be fixed.

  • oh no mate… that sucks, i am sure you can get another one cheap on the bay

  • bad news buddy, hope you are both ok though.

  • Has anyone taken the front lights, bonnet and slam panel off the car DJ is breaking? Just a thought? Glad you are ok, perhaps look at porn instead of tractors

  • Oh no eddy, thats real bad news, one less equipe on the road :cry: :cry:
    Hope you and the mrs are ok

    If you do want to stay with mx3 equipe I currently have 2 of them for sale so you could just take the parts off yours that you want to keep as spares, if you do break or scrap, PM me I need some parts in that colour

    Let me know if you want another I will do you another good deal :wink:

  • sad to hear mate, glad your ok though. Sounds like it is fixable for the right person?

  • Cheers for the thoughts guys, appreciated.

    Way ahead of you DJ, PM already sent. lol. and I would like to get it back on the road if poss. Not a write off, now a project… the damage isnt that bad, nothing that cant be undone, does mean I am in the market for a new bumper/front bar though. Dammit.

  • I will keep my eyes peeled for you as i am usually scouting the net for a bargain. is that bumper still for sale on here?

  • Cheers buddy. just to make life harder I have the Equippe in bloody Noble Green so if anyone has a spare lying around???

  • PM sent bud… i got bumpers!!

  • @571032cdeb=Eddy_B:

    Cheers buddy. just to make life harder I have the Equippe in bloody Noble Green so if anyone has a spare lying around???

    yeah there is defo someone on here with a few equipes ;)

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