Remove fog lights…. how?

  • How do I remove the fog lights to change the bulbs? Can't see any fixings and the manual isn't too clear on this.

  • the lower fog lights have three screws on thein the outer casing. they should be philips. taking these out enables the entire light to come out. from this disconnect the wires and remove the bulb.

    carefull the screws can rust. also the bulbs are clear but there is a huge slab of yellow glass in side givin the tint. removing this can enable you having a proper set of spots or cruse lights

  • Thanks. That's given me summat to do at work tomorrow.

  • you get it done!

  • Only had to remove 2 screws. The "pod" inside is a sealed unit, so no chance of taking the yellow thing out without some surgery (file off four rivets, remove the yellow insert, drill 4 holes where the rivets were, silicon it up against wet, and screw it back together I guess). Bummer, cos I'd bought some 130W bulbs to go in there, and it's too cold out to go messing around on my hands and knees. At least for now I have rilly rilly bright YELLOW lights. And it's foggy today.

  • bummer. suppose you could take the entire unit off and do them in doors. during x mas breaks. been foged up here today 1st time to test new rear light out with fog on. omg its like a 747 landing light. think will have a crack and a front fog conversion at time of body kit,


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