LED Headlights

  • I fancy putting some of these alog the bottom of my headlights inside of the lens and wiring them up to the sidelights I'm guessing this'll be a bit of a love hate idea but i really do dislike those little sidelights on the bumper.

  • Purists will obviously hate! To me it just means one thing > Audi…
    you going to stick an indicator in the headlight too?!

  • yeh, its deffinately very "audi" but a lot of makers are doing it now as it looks s**t hot. Mx3 ones look like two crappy torches stuck in a really strange position on the front. Any one know of the legality of having led's instead of those?
    No to the indicators. I like them where they are.

  • Aslong as there white LED's you wont have any problems I wouldnt have thought.

  • would have thaught that goes without saying but a lot of the forums i looked at to try and find out had a few idiots asking if putting blue led's on the front of your car is illigal.

  • @fbc93c12ff=JIMBOfred:

    would have thaught that goes without saying but a lot of the forums i looked at to try and find out had a few idiots asking if putting blue led's on the front of your car is illigal.

    Its funny you should say that actually, as given certain terms, it isnt illegal at all.

    Providing they do not flash/fade/strobe/pulse ie they remain solid brightness, then you can have any colour besides red you want. Thats not to say you wont get stopped and queried, but there is no offense being committed providing the above is followed. Its a common misconception that even the police fall foul to, but the wording of the law does not state anything about any colour in use besides red. Ill find out the exact law and phrasing, I asked my dad about this very subject a few months back and thats what he told me, he served 25years in the police until 2 years ago when he retired.

    He did say something peculiar about the lights from the rear though, think it was something along the lines that no lights except red amber and white could be shown, including lighting from inside the car.

  • While searching for the regs, I found this which made me chuckle

    Taken from a page detailing the allowances of emergency vehicles and blue light usage and thi was one of the things they cannot do…

    "cross a solid white line down the middle of the road*

    *except in the same circumstances as other traffic users (for instance to pass a stationary vehicle, slow moving cyclist or horse, or a road maintenance vehicle). This can cause problems for emergency drivers when other road users slow to let them pass where road markings indicate no overtaking."

    So, if your being chased by the cops, find a road with a solid white line, then overtake everything in sight and they arent permitted to follow you or theyd be breaking the law themselves, genius!

  • Found it….

    Its a pretty comprehensive list, but it doesnt state anything other than red cannot be used on the front and no colour can be shown to the rear of the vehicle except those exempt, ie amber indicators and white reversing lights, so if pc plod stands to the rear of your car and can see you instrument dials or headunit, thats illegal, doesnt make sense but thats the law...


    No flashing/pulsing lights....


  • Just thinking about how i'm gunna do this and have realized that i might have some problems. Never removed a headlight lens before and looking at methods online its not simple at all. Also putting the whole unit in't over was mentioned. This could be tricky as i have flyeye vinyl on them. Any ideas?

    Was going to stick the line of led's along the bottom of the inside of the lens.

  • Remove the fly eye tint first! its goes back on well easy or just buy some more?!

    Removing the glass I found really easy tbh, just follow the instructions online that you have seen.

  • as fox says, dead easy, the goop they seal with only free's itself up when its hot hot, so dont worry about putting them in the oven, I put my bike ones in and they have plastic lenses, did mine at 90 degrees, theres few plastics thatll melt that low, and theyre not in your headlight or your bulbs would melt the housing

  • hot knife?

  • imho your more likely to melt the casing using a hot knife, best to get the whole unit warm and use a cold blunt flat knife to peel round one side of it and then just gently pull it apart, even it doesnt move easily give it a tad more heat, but only with the oven off.

  • you really dont want a knife or anything sharp or pointy when your doing it, I heated it up, and used my fingers, a bit painful but alot more save, takes quite a bit of strength to seperate them, if you add a knife/pointy thing into that equation then your bound to end up lancing your own hand! If you need to use something for leverage to get started then just bear in mind that it is glass, so you could end up shattering or chipping bits of it off, hot glass in the eye aint gonna be fun

  • Done. Will try to get some pics on in the next couple of days. Was a bit fidly but not too difficult.

  • Glad you got there in end. Look forward to seeing them :D

  • not great pics. Had to take them on my phone. Will borrow a decent camera from work some time and take some decent ones.

  • update - my led headlights have succumb to the curse of buying things cheap from ebay. They have melted themselves on one side so i just have one side working now. I've ordered some better quality ones but i'm not taking the lens off again. Thinking of putting a line of them along the top of the inside of the side light/indicator unit.

  • The way I would do it is put the indicator in the headlight then you can run a nice long strip in the sidelight unit.

  • This looks awesome, I have thought about this. I would like to see a picture a little further away head on though.

    Nice work!


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