More brake problems

  • help chaps…HEEEELLLPPPPP!!!

    ok, so , i finally got my new slider kit for my passenger front caliper. Off I went to remove the sliders, got the smaller one out fairly easy, but the larger one, well, the barsteward wont budge!! I can hammer it as far as the caliper, then, when I use something to hammer it through, it just wont budge. I have applied copper grease and hammered back and forth, silicone, spray etc but it wont budge....any tips???

  • Are you talking about the pins that hold your pads to the caliper? I had to take the caliper off, sit it up on a brick and hammer it out that way….. you get a better swing at them. Hope this helps

  • nope, i mean the sliders…..

  • I think they are also referred to as lock pins if I remember right.
    I don't know if it will help on these, but I use boiling water straight from a kettler and it usually helps loosen things up.

  • cheers buddy, I never thought of that, great idea BUT, I managed to do it today using the end of a ratched spanner, and my 2Lb lump hammer…...took a while though...

  • Make sure that the bore that the sliders slide inside is ok, as if its not then the new sliders will end up gettinf fooked.

    They need to be perfectly clean and smooth.

    Also personally I don't like use copper grease the sliders like some people do, if it does get air into it or too much heat it can dry out and cause problems.


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