Colour change

  • Well I am getting right into the car this winter ready for 2012 show season and I am planning to pack a lot of shows in this year and the main aim is to get my car in a magazine, I was going to get a full respray but the costs are mental so I am going down the route of a full vinyl wrap for about £1k
    I have been going through the hexis website, these are one of the biggest vinyl producers in the world and its guaranteed for 5 years, I have found a page full of colour charts of everything they do so have been looking

    I quite fancy my car in a few of the range so have narrowed it down a bit

    card 44 - ultra aventura
    card 40 - sparkle green or orange (if you can get an outdoor one)
    card 36 - any of the 3 on there :D

    or a custom printed design I am awaiting to see if possible if it is that is under wraps until its fitted :wink:

    Colour card

  • I'm not sold, there are just too many curves and creases on a mx3 will the wrap sit right?
    Ive seen a Audi tt done in White and was black originally. On the spoiler where it joins you can see the black slightly and also close where it is wrapped under arch. Cost for that was 800.
    What about a matt black ?? Mooneggs style

  • Cant say Im sold on vinyl wrapping for longevity either, short term would be alright, but what happens if you get a car park scrape etc! and its not going to go in the door hinge area or under bonnet is it…


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