Not enough space when fitting my induction kit.

  • I have just bought a new induction kit, when I remove my original air box then attach the new filter cone, I haven't got enough room to attach the ram hose. All I have done is remove the box and attached the cone to the MAF sensor….

    can I remove the hose, all the way from the throttle body (resonator too) and attach the MAF sensor straight to the throttle body?? That way I'd have tones of space to attach the ram hose.

    Thanx, Kev.

  • Yes, manifold, flexy pipe, vaf, induction kit, cold air feed
    You can even move water reservoir if it's in the way

  • there here is another one done slightly different

  • thanx…. I just cut the original hose in half (not as difficult as I thought) I thought I could maybe do away with that pipe all together. I just need to cut a hole in the bumper now. :? Pics soon. :D

  • I've heard that these engines don't like long induction kits, be good to have a dyno day with a few mxs and get a comparison across some examples.

  • There is a place not too far from me…. I plan on getting it dyno tested after I fit the new exhaust (bypassing the cat) I'll start a dyno results thread so we can compare.


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