AirCon Condenser compression nut

  • hey chaps.

    i am swapping my aircon condenser (with thanks to JayMX3), but i cant get the bigger of the two nuts loose. All that is happenihg, is I am starting to twist the pipe (not bothered about the rad side).

    I have sprayed with lots of Plusgas, and will try again tonight, but has anyone else had this issue, and any tips??

  • Are you sure it's not a compression join ? Which case it can only be cut off. hard to tell without pic

  • not sure mate, I can take a pic, but lets put it this way, I have tried again tonight and cant get that damn nut loose. I managed to break off the condenser, and remove the smaller pipe in tact from the dryer. I think the best way forward, is for me to replace the entire lower pipe that goes from the compressor to the condenser. SO, has anyone got a set of pipes, or know a suitable DIY fix??


    me cars off the road, and I really want it back!


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