What is that ugly plactic attached to the air intake?

  • any ideas what it actually does? i noticed it is blanked off on the end so surely it would just slow airflow down? will be looking for some nice chrome pipe to go on there at some point anyway but for now could i not just take this plastic pipe off and blank it off?

  • **It's a resonator. The purpose is either to smooth out unpleasant harmonics at certain speeds or to add pleasant harmonics at certain speeds - so the car doesn't sound like crap/sounds more rarr.

    Ever blown over the neck of a bottle? Same deal.**

  • so i should remove it then lol

  • **If you remove it and it's there to make a nice sound, the worst that will happen is that it won't make a nice sound any more - probably offset by the nice sound your new air filter will make.

    If you remove it and it's there to make a crap sound go away, the worst that will happen is that you'll make it sound crap. Generally, resonators are there to remove crap sounds and usually at the cruising speeds we find ourselves doing mostly. They're designed to cut out a certain harsh or droning sound at 60-70mph in 5th gear.

    Experiment. Take it off and have a listen at motorway speeds. If it doesn't sound like you're stuffed up a bee's arsehole and you can live with it, leave it off.**

  • cool will try that later, i removed the resonator box on the alfa and it sounded soo much better. you could actully hear the air intake working, but i guess not everyone wants the induction noise going on


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