New bottom end help

  • Will the bottom end of a 94 Dohc automatic fit the bottom end of a 95 mx3 Dohc manual? My bottom end is trashed and I been looking for options but can't find a bottom from manual thank you and god bless you

  • yes they are all the same, if the bottom is gone, would it not be better and probably easier to find a low mileage engine and replace the lot, if you have to replace the bottom end the engine will have to come out anyway, then you can just do a major service while its out and then you have a great engine that will last
    They are easy to find as they are the same for the 323 + mx-5 :wink:

  • will it be better to get a bp engine from a protege i heard u dont need to change the ecm if its a 95 like my car is this true?


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