Different interior styles - need pics

  • I am trying to find out how many different variations on the interior there are in the UK… I have been scouring ebay looking at all the salvage and used mx-3 pics. But sometimes it's difficult to see...

    I've seen different varations on the 92 and 93 interiors with leather seats, different patterns... and then again on the 94 + models with leather seats, and back adjustment seats. Then also there is a completely different dash in some eunos (presso, 30x), I think? Maybe even the autozam az-3...

    Just wondering if anybody can post pics of their interiors - seats, dash, console, steering wheel, switches (rear fog and front fog), switches around the speedo bezel... trays under the radio

    I'm quite curious :D :roll: thanks!!

  • i'll get a pic of mine its 94+

    • There is only one style of Dashboard in the uk. Its the same as the plainer version in the us.

    • Full Black Leather is available.

    • Dark Grey/Blue tinge, with multi coloured insert front seats (cloth). Half Black Leather and multi colored cloth insert rear.

    • Dark Grey/Blue tinge, with multi coloured insert front seats (cloth). Half Black Leather and light grey cloth insert rear.

    • SPECIAL EDITION: Medium Grey, with white insert front and rear.

    You also get Jap imports with Full Tan Leather and a Tan coloured Dash.
    ( looks shit literally )

    I'm sure there is probably more I cant Remember….

    I have outer arm rest inserts ( where the door cards would be on a 4 door ) in grey cloth or Fake Black Leather (nice) on each of my MX3's.

    My Door cards are multicoloured on one car and light grey on the other.

  • @8cd2083cc2=ukmx3admin:

    • There is only one style of Dashboard in the uk. Its the same as the plainer version in the us.

    i think ive seen 2 types, square vents and round vents. also the dials maybe different. outlaw666 has a different dash to mine but he is from portugal. i may be wrong. :D

  • well here is what I have found so far (thanks for the replies):

    Here is the regular dash

    another type of steering wheel with airbag (94 and up?)

    regular seats

    The limited edition interior black leather/suede? UK only

    leather seats

    another type of leather seats with lumbar adjustment

    and yet another type of leather seats (94 and up)

    eunos premium interior

    eunos dash and steering wheel

    german mx-3 with "bubble" interior

    JDM RHD mx-3 with power folding mirror switch

  • if you have any style of interior different from what is pictured here can you post it please?

  • Hi,

    see our gallery for some more leather designs 8)

    regards Rod

  • I got different on a 92 K V6. Mine are charcoal with red piping. Will get photo tomorrow if I remember. Im jelous now as I got no leather whatsoever. I like the full leather in black and love the black and white but this would not suit my car. My 91 J has half leather rears but they are mouldy now and I saw a pic the same in there somewhere. I even got grass growing out my inside sills through the carpet. I had to swap the sunroof off my J to my K as rusty at front. Never thought to seal it back up or that the rust might cause a leak. Doh.

    Neighbour over the road has half leather front and rear different again on a black R plate. Can't ask him for a photo though and he might bust me up if I take one without asking. He is ex-marine.

  • Here are my front seats. Excuse the dog hair in the first pic. I had just returned off holiday and had to take the dog. Was just about to hoover and clean when I cracked engine. I thought there is no way Im still gonna clean it if my car is totally fooked.

    My son wanted to get in on the action

    Here is the interior of my other car. The green grass trim was a special edition and you too could have this. If you need new sills dont get them done and park over some grass for 6 months.

  • liking the grass trim, is it a specialist install or can anyone achieve this look? :wink:

  • No I managed that retrim all on my own lol.

  • aren't you a bit young to be driving? :lol:


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