• My aircon doesn't work (no surprises there…)

    Has anybody recharged their system?

    My MX3 is 1998 so I guess the gas must be R134A.

    Is it just a question of screwing an EZChill gas canister to the low pressure port,measuring any pressure that might be there and then opening the gas valve to charge the system to 30 or 40psi?

    I really enjoy DIY and get a kick out of doing a job myself rather than paying an expert (no disrespect to any professional guys out there !!!)

    Does anybody already have the pressure gauge T configured pipe connections that go with the canister? If so could I borrow it?

    Maybe we could meet up at the Hampshire Jap car venue on 21st August.

  • have you checked you havent got any leaks on the system because its very common for the condenser to spring a leak as its in front of the radiator :wink:

    Otherwise its only £35 for a recharge in most places

  • Hi DJMarco

    No I haven't checked the condenser. What would I be looking for?

    Local to Woking I have seen a few signs outside garages advertising aircon recharge but nearer £80…..
    Halfords charge £50 for the EZChill canister + pipe connections and from memory £20 for the canister alone.

    I was hoping a club member might have already done the job and might be prepared to lend me the connector for a few days then I would only have to buy a canister. (Maybe I'm dreaming of an ideal solution.....)

    I'm based in Woking but do trespass into Hampshire from time to time. Do you know of any £35 recharge garages on my side of Hampshire??

  • Farnham £49 inc vat

    The one near me is £35 for a regass but if it leaks its pointless, could go for a regas and find if its leaking there, they usually check as it will show on their machine if it has a leak :wink:

    Also to get the price down, phone them, tell them where you are coming from and ask them what deal they would do for cash if you drove down to them for it to be gassed there, they will discount you as it doesnt cost much for them to do that job and isnt labour intensive :wink:

  • Normally when the system is dead ie no cold air at all the refill charge is at around 60-80 reason being they test it first before re-gas ,.. if the system is still producing cold air but not as ice cold as it should be then in that case as i have has recently had done its just the normal refill at £35 what ive paid,..

    With the condenser you looking for leaks in the sense of a small oil patch difficult to see really like a stain on the unit this may indicate a leak it could also be a seal gone how ever the most efficient way is to presure test and thats best left to the places that re-fill them…..

  • barry, if you want that air con hose connector I got one for sale, bought it a month ago, used it once, air con is leaking so thats the end of my interest in air con, no way Im gonna pay £80 quid for a new radiator and another refil as Ive never had it so cant miss it. if you want the hose/guage you can have it for £12 inc delivery


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