Where's Jesta gone??

  • as per title, been a while since he last posted, shirley can't be cos rustymx3's hardly on here nowadays!! LOL

  • Broke his keyboard from over typing ?

  • He did/does say alot in his posts LOL

  • yeah it is quite funny when he gets a good rant going lol.

  • I think he is following rusty from forum to forum, lol that keyboard joke cracked me. But i do miss his banter!

  • well god knows where he is ,.. he aint answering emails, fb or msn boys so i hope hes ok,….

  • did he have an operation or was that someone else?

  • @a7a8ed7c62=daniel:

    did he have an operation or was that someone else?

    that was rusty as far as i was aware…

  • Heres an update on our good friend Jesta,…
    He got in touch this morning and alls well,... heres his message ive edited to keep it SHORT for you all lmao typical jesta....

    "Hey Rainy, Im still here, just busy with my own things, got married a fortnight ago, have our first child due in late sept / early oct so been preparing,..
    In MX-3 related news, I had my NS outer CV joint replaced with a beautifully crafted CV joint by shaftec, put it through its MoT and got no advisories, and bought a years tax for it at the weekend.
    Also bought a rotary polisher, took off about a half kilo of paint, but she shines like a mirror now!
    Was promoted to Yield Controller at work, and then got tasked with carrying out Hygiene and Safety Audits too,..Now Im being reviewed for further promotion. "
    "Whats happening in Rainy’s tree then? Hows your Vectra coming along?"

    He got MARRIED kept that one quiet didnt he ,....lmao where were the invites,..

    And as hes bought a machine polisher and hes sorted the mx with it we shall expect pics shall we not,...PICS PICS PICS..


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