Engine Running to rich

  • My engine is a bit smoky, and when i rev it and take the foot off the pedal the revs drop and the engine either stalls or nearly stalls. Checked engine compression and every cylinder was 13 so all is gd there. The plugs were all black so what i think is happening is the engine is flooding itselv, its running far 2 rich. Any ideas on how 2 fix this, bare in mind the engine wasnt started in 6 month a week ago, its had a full service since.

  • Check the air intake tubing (big, black ribbed plastic bit!) Mine had a leak in it and it caused similar problems!

  • did you drain out the old gasoline?

  • No i never, added new petrol tho about 5 litres of it so it should be mostly new petrol now.

  • I think that may be it. Bad gasoline can hurt the fuel filter and cause the car to smoke. You need to use some sort of preservative for the petrol. It would not hurt to change the fuel filter and give it a shot again.


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