Brakes binding

  • Hi I have just bought a 1994 mx3 and I have found the brakes are binding. the rear discs seem to spin pretty freely when the wheels are not on, but when you tighted the wheels. Its as if the disc is being pushed onto the inner brake pad ,and they will not move so I wondered if there was any sort of spacer etc. behind the disc that someone has left out for some reason
    all replies will be greatfuly recieved

  • Welcome! There's no spacer. They should float to a central position by the sliders. Do they move freely?

  • mx3 brakes on the rear are very basic, the usual thing with those is that the caliper rusts a little and the pad jams so it doesnt move, best thing to do is spend £10 on a new set of rear pads and put them in so they are all equal all round, loads of copper grease on the back of the pads and sliders.

    If your calipers are quite rusty give them a good clean with a wire brush and when you put the pads back on and you find they are tight, take one of the little silver plates off that go on the pads to give the sliders that presision joint and that will allow the pads to move freely again, its only because the surface rust on the caliper is making it too tight and you should be fine with one of the silver covers removed they are only there to stop pad wobble but on the rear you will not get it if the calipers are rusted a bit

  • thanks both of you for replying so quick I have changed all the rear brake pads and I found my new pads are thinner than two of my old pads and my brakes are now just rubbing a little but I can turn the wheels now

    Thanks again


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