Why is my car breathing???

  • Good evening peeps,
    my car has had me scratching my head for a while now and i can't figure it out so i thought i'd ask!
    the car sometimes appears to be breathing!!! when it idles sometimes in traffic the engine will idle at about 1000rpm rising in a few seconds to 1500rpm before dropping back down and starting all over again and will continue to do so until i put it in gear and drive off.
    it does it when cold, warming up and even when its been running for a long period.
    I've checked for air leaks -none
    checked leads and plugs for anything obvious but all seem fine.
    fuel supply seems fine too.
    Any ideas would be great.

  • Look at setting the Tps, idle etc. Think it's in the how to.

  • the symptoms you describe are called hunting,…

  • did you sort it yet?

  • Mine used to do this, I just ragged it one day and it stopped.

  • just curioius, dont have the same problem, but no result was ever posted and I like knowing what the fix was for things like this so I know for future reference incase I have the same problem or someone else does

  • I kind of forgot about it for a while but I removed the stat last week to temporarily fix another problem and then on the way home I ragged the granny out of it racing a guy in an xr2 and since then it hasn't been searching anymore. So I think the lori method seems to be working for now lol.
    I was a bit dissapointed though, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for The xr2 but my little pocket rocket absolutely mugged the guy off and I loved every bit of it!! :twisted:

  • an xr2 fiesta? could have been blocked injectors if gunning it fixed it

  • Yes mate was an xr2 fiesta in full chav boy racer livery!!
    he was just starting to pull away from me on the m25 but luckily we came off at the same junction and it suddenly became clear he was a straight line merchant and the game changed completely!
    hopefully the good thrashing has cleared whatever the problem was but only time will tell :twisted:

  • The good 'ol Italian tune-up strikes again :wink:

  • How is it possible he wass pulling away from you, either his car was really well tuned or yours is a heap lol, thats specs for an xr2 fiesta…



    Top speed:106mph






    Top speed:124mph



  • I'm guessing in that case mate he must have tweaked it from standard then, it was lowered and loud and starting to pull away in a straight line but that makes no difference if you only have the balls to put your boot down in a straight line!!!
    My little mx3 was all over him when it came to the bends, took him on a roundabout (naughty but fun) and then left him behind :twisted:


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