• Any way to end the auction earlier in the day? Mine end at 5am what is no good would like it to end around 8pm instead

  • Nope, auctions must run their time frame up, unless you end it as it take if off sale.

  • yep unfortunately ebay ends items at the exact time you list them, so if you want it to end at 8pm you will need to list it at 8pm. and if you have bids on your item with less than 12 hours to go you cant end it :(

  • you can specify when the listing will start when you first start writing the listing .

  • So I fucked up lol

  • well technically you could end you item, repost it at 8pm but you will have lost all your watchers and bids and those bastards at ebay will charge you yet another £8 listing fee, so its up to you if its really worth all the hassle mate

  • @1fa3446e69=DaveMc:

    So I fucked up lol

    lol, its only recently i started using it, usefull if you want to aim for ending auctions when you think most people will be at home.
    If you did end early, I think any watchers will be informed of the relisting.

  • but is that fair on the current bidders? lol only joking, had a massive blow out on the alfa forum about me trying to get more money than i had been offered for mine ( i have accepted an offer but the bloke said if i get a higher one to sell it ) everyone except one person was slating the hell out of me so i called them a bunch of cts and told them to go fk themselves then quit the forum. they are so bitchy over there :lol: Glad to say i will be back in a 3 soon :D

  • you have got a good price up there at the moment mate. all may not be lost ;)


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