Ze problem top of revs

  • When i have my foot flat to the floor i get a problem roughly mid revs and top end where it feels like the car is cutting out or not getting enough spark or fuel. Its not exactly cutting out though, feels like a vacuum leak but as i have foot to the floor this shouldnt be an issue. If it was vacuum i should experience it all the time should i? and i thought if it was spark issues then the car would misfire etc from startup to top revs.

    1st thing i was gonna swap is the the fuel filter, then check the earthing, after this anyone got any ideas?

    Dont wanna spend too much but need to fix as i have a lot of work coming up to do on the car.

  • If it is vacuum it could be something small only opening under large pressure, sounds like its a hunt the leak on

    Mine was the same recently until I changed all the oil breather pipes for the inlet and it cured it but mine was only now and then but it made a difference

  • Have you pulled codes?

    How are your spark components - plugs, leads, cap, rotor, coil?

    Try and listen for hissing. I found a leak around the TB on my red car which came from nowhere. These cars are very sensitive to vac leaks.

    Ultimate solution is MAP based management, then it doesn't give a crap :lol:

    There's more vacuum at idle than WOT though, so I'm not convinced.

    I guess I'd check the timing too, but you have to be way out for it not to correct itself.

    Could check the VAF is in good free flowing order too. Changing the fuel filter will do no harm either, though they've never given me bother.

  • Thanks for the reply, hunt the leak indeed!

    I have a small list going of things to check/replace:

    check earthing

    check both lamda sensors

    replace fuel filter which will be done anyway.

    swap old leads to test as had new ones.

    check spark plugs as had new ones

    replace all oil breather pipes.

    Im pretty sure its not vacuum tbh, as its to incosistent unless like you say its small opening under exrtreme pressure.

    Also is there a given torque setting for spark plugs?

    Just to add, we thought we found the problem being a bad connection on a ht lead, however we fixed so defo is contact now and its still happening, also it just did it at 50mph in 4th about 300 revs!?! like bogging down :-s

  • ok swapped over to the old HT leads one by one and found the front right bank 6 is it, was faulty. After swapping we are running perfect again. Gonna have to send them back, which there is a long story to but cant be bothered explaining! lol

    thanks for the suggestions everyone


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