• I have just looked on ebay (10.07am on 18th July 2011) and there is 18 mx3's on there. take off the 2 adverts for probestore makes it 16. a whopping 10 of the remaining 16 are silver! I never realised it was such a popular colour back then, i thought it was a relatively new thing to have a silver car. not that there is anything wrong with silver. infact some of them look really nice but that is a high percentage!

  • I thought most of them were red, but yea there's a massive wave of silver ones about now it seems!

  • I had to drive for miles to get a silver one, I wanted black or silver but at time all that was around was reds and greens.
    All time fav colour is the deep graphite grey mx3.

  • for me it has to be white as my fav colour. dont know why, i just think it looks brill on most jap cars

  • A silver one dumped on some phat white or bronze alloys would look luurvly 8)


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