OE MX5 steering wheel?

  • Anyone know if an MX5 OE steering wheel is a direct fit?

  • i would like to know this as well as there is alot of nice mx5 steering wheels out there

  • yes definately, the nardi ones are epecasially nice but command a fair 'ol price!

    edit> had a little poke around .com and it would seem sparco hub kit fits the MX3 and MX5.

    Sparco Part #01502095

    Steering wheel hub adapter for the following cars:
    Mazda 323 1986-94 / 626 1979-91 / Miata 1991-2004 / MX-3 1992-96 / MX-6 1988-91 / Protégé 1990-03 / RX-7 1979-95


    all mazda steering wheels interchange, they all have the same number of splines.

    will try and found out for defo though if i can find one in the scrappy.


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