MOT Fail (Now Passed)

  • As above…:cry:

    Failed on split in centre exhaust pipe... Also wrong colour side lights.. I'm contesting that cos as far as i'm aware sidelights and headlights can be white or yellow.

    Time for stainless centre section me thinks!! :twisted:

  • Unlucky. Easy enough fix though! Yea may aswell open up the airways whilst you're at it ;)

  • Yep… Just back from them.. small weld!!! Passed now.. :D

    Just gonna go to powerflow next week and replace it anyways!!!

  • Nice job, I have a powerflow exhaust to fit to mine and I am hoping to get a better v6 roar from it, hope u are decatting too that helps a lot :wink:

  • Slowly working my way forward DJ…. Decat will follow, as long as i can fit a cat for MOT time...

  • take the cat off, replace all the bolts for nice stainless ones (eay to change every MOT time :wink: )
    Then photgraph it 360 degrees with it written on which is front, top etc and take that to powerflow, it will be cheaper to get both done at the same time and it makes a whopping difference on noise and a bit of pull away too :D

  • Cost me £50 for my de cat they made it on the spot in under an hour can put a cat back on if I want but it passes without bein a 92


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