Random Idle on KLZE

  • Got the car back from the garage yetserday so thought I had better run it in a little today with a blast around the countryside.

    Problem is… the idle keeps changing. From cold, the car runs around 1800 whilst on choke, then drops to about 1000 on its own. While driving the car it runs great, but coming to a stand still the revs bounce up to 1500 then drops to 1000, back up to 1500. Sometimes it does this slowly (once every 4 seconds), sometimes quickly (once every 2 sconds). Then once in a while whilst still it would drop to almost stall and back up again

    When the car was turned off and parked up, went to start it back up again and it sat about 600-700 perfectly, untill I drove it down the road, stopped at lights and back to bouncing!

    Is this just in need of some idle adjustment with the screw on the throttle body?

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    Could be a vacuum leak!

    If you have the stock pipe from air box/filter to IM check the part where it bends, this is a common area for breaks!


  • Yep I had exactly the same problem - check that pipe! Mine was split, some tape sorted it out.

    Jono, where did you get your alu tubing to replace the stock part?

  • i have silicone and alu tubing on mine, its a tight squeeze around the battery but my mechanic has checked for leaks and says there are none, just going to check idle first and go from there.

    Funny thing is when you stop and start it up again after 5 mins it runs perfect until you drive. Surely an air leak would disrupt idle from start up?? Suppose less pressure on weak spots though, I'll check

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    When you say it runs fine until driving, what does it do if you stop driving, does it go back to normal?

    Is your A/F Meter connected??

    And check the PCV valve & pipe! (the one that runs from the front cam cover to the IM)


  • hi

    i had the same problem with my k8, take a look at the topic an see if it works for you. (saves explaining it twice!)



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