Car drives all jumpy…

  • Has anyone else had this problem? I was just driving normally, not pushing the car hard or anything. Suddenly, the car will start slowing down like as if I took my foot off the accelerator completely. So I step on it harder and nothing happens at first. Then suddenly again, the car jolts and speeds up…

    Its almost impossible to keep it driving at a constant speed then... Funny thing is the problem is intermittent, sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't. Goes away for a while then comes back for a while...

    Sorry if I haven't been too clear. Any ideas??

  • check sparkplugs and ht leads for breaks and oil on the plugs or water in the plug wells. sounds like it could be fuel filter to me though.

  • Check the plastic induction pipe for cracks, they are classic symptomd of that

  • I would have said a vacuum leak to of some kind.

  • Was the fuel filter but I had the spark plugs changed too to fix the slow starting up problem from before. Drives much nicer now! Thanks all :)

  • glad you solved it, and good on you for posting back about it :)


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