Advice needed on tyre sizes please.

  • So I've finally manged to blag a set of 17's to put on spike but I need a bit of advice on the tyres.
    the wheels have almost new tyres on them however for some reason 3 of them are 205/40/17 but one is a 215/40/17 also I noticed one of the 205's has a bit of a chunk missing from the side wall, its holding the pressure ok but I'm gonna change it just to be on the safe side.
    My question is this…..........shall I change the damaged 205 to a 215 and run a wider pair on the rear or swallow it and replace the 215 and the damaged 205 both with new 205's????
    I'd appreciate a bit of advice on whether running a wider pair on the rears
    is any good on the mx-3 or if that is more for rear wheel drive motors?
    Any advice or opinons would be a big help.
    Cheers Guys

  • shouldnt really matter but i would try and get all 205's or all 215's personally. i am very picky though when it comes to rubber

  • **Don't put wider tyres on the rear unless you looooooove understeer.

    As it happens, for another purpose I did a size guide. This suits V6s, but I have an i4 (different stock sizes) guide too:

    As a rule of thumb:
    *Smaller = speedo overread = safer for your licence and better acceleration
    *3% difference advised as a maximum; try to keep it to under 2% at worst and 0.5% at best - note that a new tyre will be 2.2% larger than an old tyre of the same size
    *Tyre width is almost completely irrelevant to anything, except the width of the wheel you're putting it on.
    *Smaller profile = harsher ride

    And, most importantly:
    Theory is fine, but practice is better. Check your tyre manufacturer's website for a more accurate size guide.*


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