Brake Fluid

  • hey chaps,

    are our MX3's DOT 4 brake fluid? I want to top mine up a touch after doing the front discs and pads(looks a bit low since the rear brakes were done)

  • yup. dot 5 isnt needed really unless your tracking it.

  • Standard is DOT3. DOT4 would be classed as an upgrade (higher boiling point - 230 degrees dry, 155 degrees wet; compared to 205 degrees dry, 140 degrees wet). Avoid DOT5 entirely - it's silicone-based, not polyethylene glycol and will rot seals if used in a system not specifically designed for it. The polyethylene glycol-based equivalent is DOT5.1 (which has even higher boiling points), but it's really only for track use.

  • cheers Famine.

    i have no idea what fluid is in the car to be honest, although I havent checked the recipets i have form the previous owner. Im sure it will be ok if I top up with dot 4 though, thats what I did with my MX6 and it was fine untill I did a full fluid change…

  • DOT3 and DOT4 are mixable, so it won't be an issue.


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