• hi again guys!!

    Moving from my MX6 to the MX3 I did expect a difference in power, but I only have one other experience to draw from when I drove a MX3 briefly whilst my MX6 had its brake pads done.

    With mine, everything runs sweet, its a very well looked after example. I just want to check, what sort of accleration should I expect? I only seem to get any sort of power when I rev the tits off it, the MX6 requires hardly anything to make it go and go fast. Anything I can do to improve this? It doesnt feel to be holding back particularly, no hessitation no smoke no nothing, I just feel it could go with a bit more grunt on acceleration through the gears….

  • yeah it will take off over 3000rpm. this is about the norm for a V6 mx3. its a fun way to drive once you get used to it mate. 0-60 is about 8 seconds which is still fast by todays standards. dont worry about revving the nuts off it, mine used to love it :) never drank any oil or water

  • cheers Daniel.

    Im not unhappy with it, I did expect a drop in power from the MX6, just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing something obvious to check with these cars! Im going to do a bit of a service this August so hopefully it'll feel a touch sprightlier then. I do miss the power of my MX6, god, that car used to accelerate like a bat out of hell from stand still!

  • Can you feel both vris solenoids kick in?
    There is a paper test you can do to find out.

  • mx6 is a 2.5 mx-3 is a 1.8 becasue the mx6 has a bigger engine the torque is better hence why u can feel it pull better lower down the rev range just do wot everyone else does put a klze in your mx-3 and let the good times roll

  • Yeh, you thought the mx6 was fast get a ze or de in your mx3 then you will experience a good car :D

  • @b24a92ce30=barrywhite21:

    Yeh, you thought the mx6 was fast get a ze or de in your mx3 then you will experience a good car :D

    I well agree with that :wink:

    Mine was always a bit slow off the mark on lower rev ranges but a decent induction kit with new plugs and leads sorted that quite well

  • yeah i found this as well DJ but once you get used to it, it is a fun way to drive a V6. It always put a smile on my face when i went for a drive. I do agree with the above posts though, DE or ZE engine in it will make a massive difference. hence why i am buying a probe this week :D

  • not sure about the vris 1 and 2, i am fairly sure they are, i get a kick at about 3k and another about 4/5k rpm…is that about right??

    as for plonking in a ze, it is tempting, but im no where near experienced enough, and VERY short of cash!! No, ill do some basic mods just to help it breath a bit easier and take it from there.

    I do actually have a 2.5 V6 sat in the mx6 shell in my front garden...waiting to go to the scrappers...

  • use that engine dont scrap it!!

  • cant mate, i dont know the first thing about removing an engine, I dont have a hoist, and i dont have any where to keep it, has to go. if anyone wants it, they can have it, but I wont do anything whatsoever to help remove it!! I have too much other stuff to do now, so apart from removing a couple of panels, the cars ready to roll to the scrappers.

  • wish i could mate, i really want a project to keep me busy. got 2 weeks off soon for an operation and really need a project now that the probe has fallen through lol


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