Help wanted

  • Hi all, I have been banging into this eunos today and have bought a right shed of sh*t as it turns out so I am now ploughing cash in to get a return on it as I keep finding more.
    I fitted a new rear bumper today because the hand painted one looked awful, every bolt on the bumper sheared off, so the new one was in great condition and all fitted.
    Fitted a new rotor arm today, cleaned all the contacts and sealed up some cracks on the plastic plate between the coil and the arm, this has improved it very slightly but still not firing so its down to a new coil pack now as all voltages are correct going into it but still no or very little spark
    I have found one of the lugs on the distributer cap has been snapped off but it doesnt seem to be leaking electricity as the plug rubber completely covers it.
    Also found after checking all the plugs that by number 2 plug on the rear bank there is a vacuum pipe that comes out of the inlet manifold in the same area that the lead goes into and some spud has sheared it off flush with the inlet manifold and tried using some black epoxy to glue it back on, its now sealed on with some heavy duty sliicone but I have a feeling that is contributing to it all too

    The help I need is I need the part number for a pre 93 coil, I have found one half the price of ROC but I need the part number to confirm it
    does anyone have a pre 93 distributer or parts they want to sell cheap !!
    I did have one in the shed but cannot find it at all so I will forget about that one.
    Easy to spot the different distributers
    Pre 93 Large black square noise suppressor with single wire
    post 93 small tubular suppressor with single black wire

    this picture is a post 93 with the round suppressor in plain view


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