• Well went to see this autozam today, got a couple of JDM parts on it otherwise bulk standard but left one part as it was too much stress
    It was black so I was after the rear bumper to replace the one on the eunos that some nubbins had painted with gloss so I got the complete rear bumper, pair of jdm wind deflectors and different design arm rest cubby hole thats different to the eunos and the front badge for £36 :D

    The other part I left on there is those uber rare vents instead of spotlights that were fitted but they are a bitch to remove

    Its a shame really was mint condition with 45,000 miles on the clock but had scraped a bollard all along the passenger side

  • nice bonus for you there!

    Shame about the spot things never seen them before!

  • bargainous! shame no bumper or LSD though…next time,lol


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